10 Different Things You Can Do With Your Fitness Tracker

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Using the best fitness trackers are popular these days since it helps you in tracking your activities, heartbeat, sleep, and diet. However, these activity monitors can do more than the aforementioned tasks. In fact, you will be surprised at the different jobs that fitness trackers can do.

This article will help you maximize the features of your activity monitor. If you own one, depending on the model you should check this out and see the different reports that you can gather from your device that will surely make your life more convenient.

#1 Helps You Manage Pain

Source: Livestrong.com

Pain is difficult to explain but fitness trackers are fast evolving to help you address this concern. For instance, some are already using Fitbit to monitor how bad their migraine is.

However, some professionals are already using Fitbit to monitor spikes in their heart rate and activity pattern and combined it with a quick pain survey to determine what triggers the pain, how frequent it is, and how long it lasts.

The information from the survey can help your doctor treat your chronic pain. You can also use it to help yourself manage your pain.

#2 It Can Help you Determine If You Are Pregnant

Source: Parents.com

The easiest way to determine if you are pregnant is by getting a pregnancy test. However, not all women know when to do so. A number of women conceive for months without knowing it.

Although this works well, some miss quitting the bad habits thinking that they are not pregnant which might affect the baby in their womb. However, a fitness tracker might help you know when to take a pregnancy test.

Per Reader’s Digest, David and Ivonne Trinidad a couple from New York City discovered that they are pregnant when Ivonne’s FitBit showed a sharp spike in her resting heart rate that lasted for several days.

Initially, the couple thought that the fitness tracker is not working but a friend suggested that pregnancy may also raise a woman’s heart rate. Ivonne took a pregnancy test which turned out positive. Thus, activity tracker like FitBit is a good channel to inform you when to get a test.

#3 It Checks Your Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

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Do you know that your heart beat provides you tons of information about your health? Yes, it does. Some fitness trackers check your heart rate variability (HRV) or the intervals between your heartbeats.

The more variation in your heart rate, the healthier you are as it means that you are stronger and more resilient. Meanwhile, a low HRV is associated with heart disease, metabolic syndrome and a higher risk of dying in the next three years.

Some athletes are obsessed with this today. They use fitness tracker to help them optimize their training and avoid overtraining. To enjoy this, you just need a fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate and an HRV app to like iThlete or Bioforce.

#4 Tracks Your Intimate Moments With Your Partner

Source: She Knows

A number of activities can send your heart racing including walking, running, biking, dancing or being intimate with your partner. One FitBit user realizes that her fitness trackers also record her sexy time because it features your heart rate at a certain time.

Having an intense rise of your heartbeat at 11 p.m. where you are surely not working out in the gym could confirm your intimate moment with your partner. This is not an issue if your data is private but some activity trackers make their data public. Before you know it, your officemate already know your intimate moment with your spouse the other night.

#5 Informs You of Your Habits

Source: Venture Beat

Fitness trackers are very powerful because it records almost all of the activities you did from the food you take, your quality of sleep, how often you exercise and more. If you intend to lose some pounds, an activity tracker is a great weight loss device.

Activity monitor is like an open book of your life, it reflects the activities that you love to do, the places that you love to visit or how often you do something which could tell so much about you.

One app, called Saga syncs the most popular fitness trackers and uses the GPS, heart rate, and activity functions to create your story based on your data. A number of fitness trackers allow you to add your social media account like Twitter and Facebook to create a more accurate narrative. A fitness tracker is the easiest journal for you.

#6 Lets You Know of Your Location

Source: Reader’s Digest

Most fitness trackers are equipped with GPS capabilities to inform you where you are at a given time. It also records the timeline and map of where you have been even if your device is not actively “on.”

This feature in activity trackers just works similarly to the location service on cellphones. So, the next time you feel lost and you are afraid to ask the people around without giving them an impression that you are lost, just check your fitness tracker and you will get an accurate map of your current location.

#7 Check Your Biometric Information

Tracking technology is going through a rapid progress. A number of fitness trackers are already designed to deliver a detailed biometric information that monitors the following:

  • Digestion
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Calories
  • Test for certain diseases

It also records the details of what you eat. For example, iFitActive’s app shows you, your caloric intake after logging the food you ate. For example, it records the fibers, saturated and unsaturated fat, sugar, protein, cholesterol and salt.

#8 Reminds You to Have a Good Posture

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Your posture is the position which you hold your body upright against gravity when you are standing, sitting or lying down.

According to Cleveland Clinic, proper posture can help you with the following:

  • Keep your bones and joints in the correct alignment
  • Decrease abnormal wearing of joint surfaces
  • Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal position
  • Decreases stress on the ligaments
  • Prevents fatigue, strain, backache, and muscular pain
  • Overall, it also contributes to your good appearance

Certain fitness trackers, like Lumo, can sense when you are slumping and vibrates to remind you to straighten up. If you feel that you have a poor posture, might as well consider an activity monitor to help you practice a proper posture.

#9 Your Fitness Tracker Inform You If You Cheat or Not

Source: CIO.com

As mentioned, fitness trackers allow you to set goals and track your progress. However, there are days when you are really not in the mood to do your daily run, walk around the park, or stroll for your step diet activities so you will achieve 10,000 steps. During these challenging times, you might be tempted to shake your fitness trackers to increase your number of steps but this cheat might not work anymore.

Researchers have updated the algorithm of their fitness trackers to detect faked activities and not record it. Old fitness trackers only detect 38% of fake trackers. However, the latest version now detects 90% of fake activities. This upgrade will help you to be honest with your workout session.

#10 Can Be Used as Evidence

Source: Cult of Mac

Some fitness trackers publicize your data, which may or may not benefit you. As long as you are telling the truth and your data shows the same, it should not be a concern. But if you are lying the data in your fitness tracker can be used against you.

For instance, one woman claimed that she was raped by an intruder while she stayed in her boss’ home for work. She claimed that she was sleeping but the police learned that something is off in her story.

When the police checked her Fitbit data, they learned that the woman’s heartbeat at the time of the incident was elevating, which did not support her claims that she was asleep. As a result, the woman was charged with false reports and tampering with evidence.

How Would You Use Your Activity Tracker?

There are so many things that you can do with fitness trackers. Aside from tracking your activity, diet, and sleep, it can also help you improve your posture, determine if you are pregnant, check your location, inform you of your habit and more.

They offer so much more than it promises and gives you tons of reasons to get a fitness tracker. This device is worth every penny if you want to monitor your overall health.