10 Best Step Counter Pedometer Watch Bracelet for Fitness Tracking

Health is wealth. I believe that just like me, you also agree with this mantra.

Staying fit and healthy is easier if we can track our activities. Thus, we should get a step counter or pedometer watch to assess how active or sedentary our lifestyle is conveniently 24/7.

I have created the Best Fitness Tracker Watch to help you decide. I have shortlisted the top 10 pedometer watches in the market to cut your research and reading time.


Best Fitness Tracker Watch

Our Best Fitness Tracker Watch list is comprehensive as it includes different types of bands. Thus, you will surely find one that fits your budget and requirements.

*I rate Xiaomi Mi Band 2 #1 most recommended fitness watch because this has all the functions all the other smartwatches have but cost less than 100$. It is also one of the most flexible wearables. Such as you can sync with both iOS and Android. Click here to check it out

Pedometer WatchesRatingsCheck Price
Tracks Heart Rate
Smartwatch Notifications
Built-In GPS
Xiaomi Mi Band 25/5Shop HereYesYesNone$$$
Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker4.8/5Shop HereYesYesNone$
Apple Watch4.4/5YesYesNone$$$$$
Fitbit Charge 24.3/5YesYesNone$$$
Garmin Vivoactive
Garmin Vivofit 2
Fitbit Alta
Moto 360
Polar Loop 2
Fitbit Surge
Misfit Shine 2

Before we proceed, you should know that activity tracker watch may also come in the form of smartwatches. They do not just count your step but may also track your sleep, food, heart rate and more.

However, I must say that smartwatches with activity tracking features like Apple Watch can be costly. But there are simple and affordable pedometer wristbands that offer the basic functionalities.

We will try to cover all these types of pedometer watch because we do not want to develop a prejudice against smartwatches with great fitness tracking capabilities and plain pedometer watches.

You will be seeing high-end products in the list below like Fitbit, Garmin, and the popular smartwatch Apple Watch. These products are targeted for all people who are willing to invest in some really good pedometer watch, like you.

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 delivers you one of the top activity tracker right now, where performance meets style. Its simplicity and efficiency are impressive that’s why it is in the first place.

This fitness tracker is slim and fashionable. It feels great on the wrist. It is simple compared to smartwatches and other fitness wristbands but is as efficient when it comes to tracking your workout.

This particular wristband is the redesigned version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. This is the most full-fledged-yet-affordable tracker that you can get in the market.


• Affordable
• Slim, lightweight and fashionable
• More secure fit than the first model
• Good battery life
• Compatible with iOS and Android


• None

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can track your activities and sleep pattern. For your activity, it can track your running, walking and moving. To help you track on your sleeping pattern, this device will automatically measure your Awake, Light and Sound sleep. It also allows you to log your food and more.

It also will encourage you to make healthy choices and celebrate your progress along the way. It includes an Idle Alert that will vibrate when you are idle for a long time. Furthermore, the more often you wear your fitness wristband, the more personalized its advice will become.

As for its design, you will probably love its slim, lightweight and modest but reliable construction. It has a strong clasp on the wrist and does not fall off easily. Meanwhile, Xiaomi 2 offers an impressive battery life than can last up to two weeks.

Unfortunately, since this is a very simple and straightforward device, this does not include smartwatch notifications and GPS. This is also water-resistant but can’t be worn when swimming.

2. Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker

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Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker is a high-quality, cheap and durable smart watch that has all the features you need. This smart watch will shock you on how good it is for the price asked!

Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker Watch can check your steps, distance, calories burned and will help you get a better understanding of your fitness level. It precisely monitors total actual sleeping time and motions every night both light sleep and deep sleep. Not only that it also has some special features that will really help your daily life like Phone call and messages reminder, Camera remote control, Phone Finder and much more!

It’s water proof so you can use it while washing hands and showering. Has vibrating alert so you will never miss a message or reminder and even has a reminder when you have been sitting down for too long. Great features for a great prices make Smart Bracelet Fitness Tracker Watch all you need for a smart watch!


• Very Cheap
• Water Proof
• Easy To Use
• USB charging
• Compatible with iOS and Android


• None

3. Garmin Vivoactive 

Garmin Vivoactive is a smartwatch for sports lovers. This device is perfect for individuals with an active lifestyle. If you are always on the go and you need a fitness wearable that can keep up with your phase, this is for you.

Vivoactive is an ultra-thin smartwatch with a sunlight-readable and high-resolution color touchscreen. It is equipped with GPS which makes it perfect for running, biking or even golfing. It is also waterproof, so you can wear it during your swimming sessions. In fact, its auto length accelerometer-based technology can measure your total interval distance, calories burned, session average, stroke count and more.


• GPS-enables
• Great Battery Life
• Slim design


• Patchy notifications
• Limited apps

IMG Source: smartwatch.io

It has built-in apps to keep you active while still keeping you in the loop with its smart notifications. With this device, you will never miss any important text or call while keeping your phone away to focus on your workout. Transitioning from work to working out has never been convenient with Vivoactive.

You can easily read your stats on its display to keep you motivated and inspired. It also comes with built-in sports apps for running, biking, swimming, golfing and walking.

Vivoactive comes with a free watch face designs, widgets and apps from Connect IQ store. Its battery charge can last up to 3 weeks in watch/activity tracking mode.

However, if you use GPS it can only last up to 10 hours. To enjoy the smart notification, you can pair it with your smartphone.

I will gently vibrate and display alerts for incoming calls, text, emails, calendar items and notifications from social media and other mobile apps like weather alerts and temperature alerts.

To enjoy the smart notification, you can pair it with your smartphone. I will gently vibrate and display alerts for incoming calls, text, emails, calendar items and notifications from social media and other mobile apps like weather alerts and temperature alerts.

Although Vivoactive is close to being perfect, it still comes with some weaknesses. For instance, it has limited apps compare to other brands.

Also, its sleep tracking feature is not as accurate as Withings or Jawbone. Furthermore, the smartphone and watch software connectivity are unstable that you have to do frequent reboots.

Garmin Vivoactive is a great smartwatch and pedometer watch in one. It has impressive fitness apps to keep you on track on your fitness goal and can compare with popular smartwatches when it comes to versatility and connectivity. Furthermore, with its functionality and affordable price, this device is something to beat.

4. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2, the heart rate and fitness wristband in one comes second on our list because of its design, price and performance.

This watch upon examining, this watch is almost similar to Garmin Vivoactive in most aspects. Unfortunately, it lacks built-in GPS, which you can just fix by connecting to your smarthone’s GPS.

This Fitbit tracker recognizes the importance of a healthy heart, so it tracks your heart rate continuously on your wrist. As a result, it helps you maximize your workouts and track your calories burn minus the uncomfortable chest strap.

Aside from this, it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and hourly activity. Aside from that, Fitbit Charge 2 recognizes that being busy can sometimes make you forget to move, so it comes with reminders to encourage you to walk at least 250 steps per hour.


• Good Vo2 max data
• Sleek design
• Includes guided breathing
• Cardio Fitness score
• Interchangeable bands and customizable clock
• Easy to read display due to large font
• Comfortable to wear
• 5-day battery life
• Affordable


• Lacks GPS
• Not Waterproof
• Not so user-friendly interface

• Patchy notifications
• Limited apps

IMG Source: cnet

Fitbit Charge 2 also automatically tracks your sleep and helps you develop a healthier sleeping pattern. It also records select activities like hiking, biking, sports and more to give you credit even if you forget to log your exercise.

If you are into yoga or want to spend quiet time, this device comes with Guided Breathing Sessions that are specially personalized based on your real-time heart rate.

Fitbit Charge 2 has a large OLED screen with tap display. It also comes with interchangeable accessory bands and customizable clock faces to allow you to choose the design that suits your taste. For ease of use, this also includes call text and calendar alerts so you won’t miss any important notification while you workout and keep your phone away.

If there is one thing that Fitbit Charge 2 lacks, it’s the absence of a built-in GPS. You have to connect it to your phone’s GPS to get your pace and distance stats. Also, it is not water-resistant. These features are available on other Fitbit watches, which makes it a point against Charge 2.

However, Charge 2 still impresses me despite the absence of the said feature because it remains effective and reliable in tracking our activities. What Charge 2 has is enough to be one of the most competitive trackers on the market.

5. Apple Watch 

Apple has a strong reputation when it comes to innovating new technology. The Cupertino-based tech giant is popular in their line of MacBook but their smartwatch is as impressive. That’s why it is in the third spot.

So when they manufactured their first smartwatch, much is expected from it. Well, Apple did not fail their customers, especially when it comes to helping their clients get fit.

Yes, this product is a smartwatch. However, it is also a popular fitness tracker device due to its capabilities to count your steps and distance. That’s not all, Apple Watch can also track your heart rate and sleep. Meanwhile, its newer version, the Apple Watch 2 is water-resistant and can track your swimming workout.


• Great fitness tracker
• Allows you to send, receive voice calls and do more without looking at your phone
• Has a great design


• Short battery life
• Requires an iPhone to work
• Many apps are slow
• Lacks built-in GPS
• Expensive

IMG Source: cultofmac

This device also comes with an integrated all-day fitness tracking feature with 3-ring Activity screen that will inspire you to move more and reach your daily activity goal in three ways: active calorie, exercise minutes, and standing for at least a minute each hour.

This watch is available in two sizes and styles to cater your different personalities. The sports version has a polymer band that is available in black and neon colors. Meanwhile, the dress version has two sizes to fit smaller and larger wrists.

Aside from the design, it is equipped with different functions that make working out more convenient without having to check your phone from time to time. Apple watch can receive and make voice calls, text and emails. It also allows you to control your music video playback.

However, though this watch is very promising it lacks a built-in GPS, which is very helpful when it comes to tracking your distance and location. Also, most of its features require users to have an iPhone 5 or above. So, if you only own this smartwatch without its iPhone, you can’t maximize its features.

Overall, if you have the budget and you are a loyal Apple customer (by this I mean you own its latest MacBook Pro and iPhone), you will probably find this product very helpful for your fitness goal.

Personally, I find this device perfect with my other iOS devices. Apple Watch makes working out and walking easier and more convenient.

6. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit brings you fitness and fashion on display via Alta. This device will make motivation your best accessory as it allows you to swap your band and switch up style by bringing you metal, leather and classic accessory bands. Alta makes it easy for you to create a look that fits the occasion.

Alta makes it easy for you to create a look that fits the occasion!

Just like the other Fitbit bands, this device can track your number of steps, distance covered, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. It SmartTrack features automatically records your workout without bothering you to push a button.


• Short battery life
• Requires an iPhone to work
• Many apps are slow
• Lacks built-in GPS
• Expensive


• No GPS
• Not waterproof
• No heart rate monitoring
• Module is not very responsive
• Overly sensitive step tracker

IMG source: the verge

Fitbit Alta will also track your quality and duration of sleep. It has a silent alarm that will vibrate to wake you up peacefully.  Furthermore, it will give you friendly reminders to encourage you to move all throughout the day.

Alta is a very slim device but it allows you to tap the display to give you instant access to your stats, time, and smartphone notifications on its slender OLED display.

It also syncs your data automatically and wirelessly to computers and over 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Charging may take one to two hours but power can last up to 5 days.

Alta is smart enough to give you call, text and calendar alerts so you won’t miss any important notifications while you workout and keep your phone out of sight. As for its design, aside from the different bands we mentioned earlier, Alta also allows you to choose from a variety of clock faces and pick between vertical or horizontal layouts.

The only downside with Fitbit Alta is that it is not for runners and those who are looking for intense tracking because it has no GPS, optical heart rate monitor or stair climbing tracker. In addition to this, while Alta is sweat, splash and rain resistant, it is not waterproof. You can’t wear it in the shower or while swimming.

Fitbit Alta is designed for your everyday fitness. It lacks a number of powerful features like GPS and heart rate monitor but if you only want a pedometer band or a simple activity tracker this is definitely a great choice.

7. Moto 360

We are already half-way on our list and I present you Moto 360! This device is from Motorola and it makes in our fifth spot because it brings fashion and functionality in one.

This watch is probably the best-looking Android Wear watch on the market. Aside from that, this highly customizable smartwatch provides you effortless updates and of course, a great channel in tracking your activity.

This device includes a built-in activity tracker to monitor your workout. It has a built-in pedometer and heart rate sensor to track your steps and heart rate. Its heart rate app also comes with an activity monitor to track how active you are.

You will enter your vital stats like height and weight and the app will determine your daily heart activity in three categories: “Active,” “Inactive” and “Vigorous.”


• Great design
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Functional and reliable
• Charging cradle doesn’t come with a USB cable
• Large round size is not for everyone


• Heart rate sensor is unreliable
• Poor battery life
• Expensive for an Android watch

IMG Source: the verge

Aside from this, it offers coaching advice to help you meet your fitness goals. This feature, in particular, will give you spontaneous notifications throughout the day to keep you moving. It will also email you with a summary of your progress report via its Moto Body phone app.

Aside from its very helpful fitness apps, Moto 360 boasts about its impressive aesthetics. It has a stylish look, comfortable feel, and premium build. This Android watch is something to beat considering its design and performance.

However, while Moto 360 is a great fitness band it is still far from being perfect because while its large size works for some, it can be an issue if you have a narrow wrist. There are also reports of cutoff notifications. Furthermore, its battery life is short. You have to charge it once a day, which is a hassle given that some wearables already offer 5 to 7 days battery life.

Despite its imperfections, after testing this watch, Moto 360 convinces me that this is still a smart choice especially if you are planning to streamline your mobile life and pursue your fitness goals.

8. Fitbit Surge

On our sixth spot is another Fitbit device. Fitbit Surge is the fitness superwatch from Fitbit because it has a built-in GPS and heart rate tracker aside from its pedometer features.

You will surely love this device as your ultimate partner for your fitness goals because it is equipped with all the functionalities you need. In addition to this, if you are an outdoor person or you love working out this device is perfect for people on the move.

Fitbit Surge is designed to train you smarter so you can go farther.


• GPS capable
• Water resistant
• Battery can last up to 7 days
• Large social base


• Can’t be worn in the shower or when swimming
• Inaccurate heart rate data
• Limited notifications
• Bulky design

IMG Source: dcrainmaker.com

Surge tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbs, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. Unlike Charge 2, this device comes with a GPS tracking on board to allow you to see your distance page, split times and elevation climbed. This feature also allows you to review your routes.

That’s not all because Surge is also equipped with PurePulse Heart rate to track your heart rate and simplify your heart rate zones. It also comes with the SmartTrack+Multi-Sport feature to track your runs, rides and other multi-sport modes automatically.

This feature is particularly helpful if you are forgetful in recording your activities. If you struggle to develop a healthy sleeping pattern, Surge can help you achieve this as it also monitors your sleep and wakes you up with a silent alarm.

Surge is built with eight-sensor technology to help you enjoy a seamless transition from work to workouts while displaying your stats as you live your life on the move.

Thanks to its touch screen monochrome LCD and backlight for low light visibility, reading your progress has never been so easy. Furthermore, it syncs your stats to your smartphone and computer and interprets it into a detailed and easy to understand charts to make the data more helpful to you.

To make things easier and more comfortable for you, Fitbit Surge includes text and call alerts to keep you notified throughout the day while being on the move. You can also control your playlist to be in the mood all day.

However, one factor that may reduce its being a superwatch is its being water resistant but not swim proof. It can withstand sweat, rain and splash but should not be submerged under the water for long.

Its notifications are also limited to text message and call only. Heart rate data is inaccurate at times since the device fluctuates by around 20 to 30 beats per minute. Furthermore, its design is quite bulky compared to other Fitbit watches.

Despite its set of flaws, when we take the time to explore the wristband, its outstanding performance still surpasses its weaknesses. Surge is one of the best wearables from Fitbit, that’s why it is dubbed as the super watch.

9. Garmin Vivofit 2

If you are impressed with the first evolution of Vivofit, you will be impressed with Vivofit 2. This device includes the features that you wish was present in the first generation that’s why it makes in our list.

Garmin Vivofit 2 includes an always-on display with 1-year battery life. Yes, this means that for a year, you won’t be bothering yourself as to when you will charge your fitness band.

It is also water-resistant, so you can wear it in the shower or while swimming. If you are forgetful and you always missed to remove your fitness band in the shower that will no longer be an issue with this device.

Most Fitbit devices are splash and sweatproof but not wearable under the water. Thus, this feature is a point for Vivofit 2.

  • Affordable
  • Year-long battery life
  • Accurate step counting
  • Waterproof up to 5 meters
  • Always-on display
  • Time to move feature
  • Not very comfortable to wear
  • NO GPS
  • No text/call notifications
  • No vibration
  • No automatic syncing of data
  • Does not offer smart coaching insights
IMG source: imore

We understand that you are reading this to find how efficient a fitness tracker Vivofit 2 is and we can guarantee that this product deserves its position in our list.

Garmin Vivofit 2 is a great activity tracker with move bars and alerts. You will never find yourself sitting for hours as this fitness band will remind you to stay active with its red move bar and a gentle audible alert.

Did you know that prolonged hours of inactivity like sitting on your desk can decrease your metabolism? So Vivofit 2’s “Time to Move” feature will be a great reminder to keep you moving as you can only reset it by taking a few steps for a couple of minutes.

Just like the rest of the other fitness tracker, this device can also track your steps, calories, distance and quality of sleep. It also displays the time of the day. For an easier tracking of your workout, this device includes a stopwatch mode.

Garmin Vivofit 2 comes in a great size but it is bulkier when compared to Jawbone Up2 and Fitbit Charge. However, when worn, it feels comfortable and light on the wrist.

Meanwhile, its always-on display feature is very helpful especially when you are under direct sunlight as reading is easier and convenient because you do not have to press a button.

As for its designs and colors, you can just pop out the tracker and swap it in a new band. Garmin has a variety of designs to choose from to cater your requirements.

However, while Garmin Vivofit 2 is a promising device, it also comes with its own set of flaws. For instance, it has no vibration which a number of fitness bands use to silently wake up the user and does not include basic notifications like incoming calls and texts alerts.

It does not sync your data automatically too unless you reach your goal. In addition, it does not provide smart coaching insights which is another means to keep you informed and motivated.

Despite this, Vivotfit 2 remains a good device especially if you just want a pedometer band with display and long battery life.

However, this is not for those who want a more high-tech device as this is just a plain fitness tracker and does not include any notifications for your smartphone similar to smartwatches like Apple Watch, Moto 360 and Fitbit trackers.

10. Polar Loop 2

Polar has decided to take a plunge on fitness tracking devices and created Polar Loop. Loop 2 is the second generation designed to compete against Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit and is compatible with iPhones, Android and Windows smartphones.

Loop 2 tracks your steps, distance, active time, calories burned and training. Aside from this, it monitors your sleep and heart rate. It also includes Activity Goal to motivate you to move,

Activity Benefit that helps you stay healthy, Running Program to help you train for a running event, Energy Pointer to explain if your training is fat burning or fitness improvement and more. Furthermore, it notifies you when you are idle for 55 minutes.

  • Simple and smart design
  • Good battery life
  • Smart sleep alarm
  • Lacks built-in heart-rate monitoring
  • No GPS
  • Limited display
IMG Source: polar

Aside from that, Polar Loop 2 is waterproof up to 20 meters. Thus, you don’t need to take it off in the shower or during swimming. In addition to this, the band is a smart notification center for iOS and Android phone.

A particular text will flash on the screen while emblazoning the LED to alert you of incoming call, messages and calendar events. However, you won’t read the text MESSAGES or CALENDAR as it can only display four to five characters. Nevertheless, this remains helpful if you want to receive notifications.

Loop 2 is one of the stylish activity trackers available on the market. It is lightweight at just 38g and very comfortable to use. In fact, you might forget that you are wearing it 24/7.

As for its battery, it depends on your usage. However, with an hour of training per day, Loop 2 can last up to 8 days but if you are running daily, tracking sleep and uses constant vibration and smart notifications it can still last up to 5 days. Yes, even with heavy use Loop 2 can still survive for a number of days, 5 days the least.

Though, Loop 2 is a great fitness tracking device it lacks some key features that could be a deal-breaker for some users. For instance, it has no built-in GPS. Its display is also very simple that it can’t even display long texts.

Overall, I still find Polar Loop 2 an outstanding device when it comes to tracking my activities, heart rate, and sleep accurately. It offers a stylish device that is ready to monitor my move 24/7 with smart notifications at a very affordable price making it another great starter kit.

11. Misfit Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2 is powerful, smart and effective but compared to the other products in our list, it is the weakest that’s why it’s in the last spot.  However,  it is more competitive compared to the rest who didn’t make it on the list.

Misfit Shine 2 automatically tracks your steps, distance, calories and light and restful sleep. It can also record your activities like running, swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer and tennis. Aside from this, it can also monitor your dozing hours and works well in tracking your light and deep sleep and present it in easy to read graphs.

  • Accurate step and sleeping tracker
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Impressive battery life
  • Non-charging, replaceable battery
  • Swimproof
  • Strap and clip is not reliable
  • No heart rate tracker
  • Lacks built-in GPS
  • Limited data
IMG Source: macrumors

As for its design, Misfit Shine features a metal disc and comes with a replaceable battery that can last up to 6 months. It is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or when swimming. It includes 12 vivid LED to show time, activity progress, notifications and more.

It also comes with a capacitive touch sensor and vibration alarm to notify you of incoming text and call while you are on the move. Misfit Apps also allows you to set goals, compete with friends and log food and weight.

It also comes with a capacitive touch sensor and vibration alarm to notify you of incoming text and call while you are on the move. Misfit Apps also allows you to set goals, compete with friends and log food and weight.

Shine 2 is equipped with 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer that works in harmony with most advanced activity and sleep tracking. It also includes an enhanced Bluetooth 4.1 for a fast, reliable wireless data transfer.

It is compatible with iOS, Android and Window mobile devices. This fitness tracking device is versatile. You can wear it on your wrist or on your clothes.

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in heart rate monitor and GPS. There are also times when the ”shine” falls off from the band, which increases the chances of losing it. Furthermore, the LED light only shows your daily progress and the time but can’t show other data.

Its smartphone notification is also limited. It will only alert you (through light and vibration) of incoming text or message but has no way of telling from whom it is, so you can’t decide if it’s from someone important or not.

Despite Shine 2’s weaknesses, it remains one of the best activity trackers because it yields accurate sleep and activity data. It also provides decent analysis. Overall, Misfit Shine 2 is worth trying and I still believe it is worth recommending that’s why it was able to make it in our list.


Pedometer watches are very helpful in your health and fitness goals. When choosing the best one, you should recognize the fact that these devices come in different designs, prices and capabilities.

One device may excel in performance but is not impressive in design. So, you have to compromise and consider the factors that are more important to you like budget and features to name a few.

We hope that the list above will be helpful to you in finding the best fitness tracker that suits your requirements. If you think we missed a great pedometer that should be on the list, feel free to contact us and we will consider your suggestions.