5 Best Kids Pedometer – What Are The Best Activity Fitness Tracker for Kids?

Did you know obesity is a common problem among most children? In general, people find chubby kids, cute and adorable. However, it’s important that we keep their weight normal for their overall health.

At a young age, we have to instill in our kids the right attitude towards diet and exercise. Yes, kids tend to move a lot.

It’s their nature to play and move around. However, with the different gadgets on the market today, their physical playing time is reduced.

Have you noticed some kids prefer to spend hours on their tablets, smartphones or computers instead of playing with their friends in the playground? The power of technology brings tons of fun games at the tips of the children’s fingertips.

Eventually, they ditch the games that children used to enjoy. Well, as parents, it’s our responsibility to keep our children active and healthy. We can help them achieve that using one of the best kids activity fitness trackers in the market today.


Fitness Trackers for KidsRatingPrice CheckFeaturesWarranty
Kids Fitness Wrist Band
4.8/5Shop HereCounts steps, track sleep quality.1-Year Limited Warranty
Child Smart Wristband Activity Running Monitor
4.8/5Shop HereTracks steps and activities. Creative game play so children keeps moving.1-Year Limited Warranty
Kid Power Band
4.3/5Counts Steps. Shows time and date. Connected to UnicefNo Warranty
KidFit by X-Doria
4.1/5Tracks activity and sleep. Splash proof.1-year warranty
Leapfrog Leapband
4/5Tracks activity. Tough design, and informative1-Year Limited Warranty

Children with activity trackers tend to move more because of the goals that they need to meet. Your kiss may ask you for a morning walk if she still needs more points for her pedometer. Take this as an opportunity to bond and get fit together.

For parents who are still considering on whether they get a pedometer for their kids or not, the next section will help you understand why you should. Check it out and see how important tracking steps and activities are for our kids.

Top Pedometer For Kids

Sometimes, it’s challenging to keep our kids in action. However, giving them a fitness band can lure them to take more steps. Who doesn’t want to see a high number on their tracker at the end of the day?

There are a number of pedometers and activity trackers on the market today. In fact, due to their massive availability prices have lowered down already.

Before you get one, make sure that the device is designed for your kid’s age. Here’s a list of kids fitness tracker for your children.

#1 Kids Fitness Wrist Band

Kids Fitness Wrist Band is popular in the fitness world. For parents who love this device and wish that they can buy one for their kids, that is possible because there is already Fitness Wrist Band for kids.

If you’re impressed with how Kids Fitness Wrist Band help you works in your way to fitness, you can use the same device to help your children fight obesity and maintain a healthy weight. This device is for children aged 4-9 years old.

This device comes in adorable designs that kids will surely love. It’s equipped with a band that kids can easily slip on and off.

It’s water resistant (5 ATM) so it’s safe in the shower or when your kid forgets to take it off during swimming. It has a non-chargeable battery that is designed to last for a year.

This device tracks your children’s steps, sleep and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity. It also displays the time and date, making it all the more useful for kids.

To make it more fun, parents can assign chores using the alarm reminder like to “clean your room” and “brush your teeth.” This is perfect for our kids who need to be reminded on these chores or when they procrastinate.

There’s also a goals that allows parents to designate what your child need to accomplish. Among the features that you’ll love about this, is that it allows parents to track their children’s steps, daily activities, and sleep.

This makes the whole process convenient especially for a parent like me and you who have kid that plays too much video games. It also includes a weekly step challenge.

  • Tracks your children’s steps, sleep, 60 minutes daily recommended activity
  • Assign chores using the app like clean your room, brush your teeth
  • Parents can set alarm to remind kids
  • None stated

📌 Kids Fitness Wrist Band has a great design and impressive features. The upside with this gadget is that it’s really for children’s activities. I heard from other parents that the strap is comfy for their 5 and 9-year old children.

📌 This activity tracker for kids is great and children who are using this have been enjoying it. My kids love this too and your children will probably feel the same.

#2 Child Smart Wristband Activity Running Monitor

This Child Smart Wristband Activity Running Monitor is in tight competition when it comes to style and creativity, as it is obviously designed for kids. Its design, vibrant colors and gameplay approach in encouraging our children to move is so much similar to the first Kid Smart Watch.

If you want to make fitness fun for your little one, while also teaching them healthy habits, this is perfect. This is for children 6 years old and older. This device tracks the number of steps, average over time and the personal dashboard. There you’ll find your child’s best days, miles and calories burned.

To keep them interested, it includes goals, reminders, simple language and child user interface. For the features, it includes Step Challenge and Calorie Burn Challenge. In the first challenge, you can choose a variety of distance goal and see how long to reach it. For the second challenge, it introduces the concept of calories where kids can choose a food they want to burn and learn how much activity is needed to burn it.

They will definitely enjoy the goals and see for themselves how they get fit. The more you push for them to stay active, the more they will learn about the importance of fitness in health early in their life.

  • Make fitness fun while teaching kids healthy habits
  • Tracks the number of steps, average time, with objective setting
  • Includes goals, alarms, and kid friendly user interface
  • None stated

📌 The device lets your child focus on fitness and challenges that it encourages your children to stop sitting, but move, take the stairs, avoid long hours of inactivity.

#3 Kid Power Band

This device is from UNICEF and it’s designed to not only keep our kids active but it also opens an opportunity for them to help the malnourished children in the different side of the world.

The process is simple, kids need to get active, join fun missions with famous champions and send food packets to children in need.

As parents, we also want to inculcate generosity, kindness and love for humanity to our kids. This is one of the reasons why you should get this pedometer for your kids.

Strive to help them be responsible so they would dedicate themselves to helping others. It’s heart-warming to see them trying to move more with the thought of helping others on their mind.

This device is very simple and straightforward. It has three basic functions: count steps, tell the time and earn rewards.

So, with this wearable on your child’s wrist, you can set daily activity goals to get him or her active. Since it shows the time, kids can also use this as a regular watch.

This feature will also keep them keep track of time. Third, by moving more, children will earn more rewards points.

The points earned unlock funding from partners, parents and fans. The funds are what UNICEF uses to deliver therapeutic food to severely malnourished children.

  • Completed device missions brings food to impoverished children
  • Functions include step counter, time, and missions
  • Poor quality bracelet
  • Battery charging issues

📌 Overall, getting the tracker will be for a great cause and great support. The thought of helping others is enough to urge my children to move more.

📌 It’s effective in keeping them active, helpful and supportive to the other kids on the other side of the world. As what the product calls for, Get Active, Save Lives.

#4 KidFit by X-Doria

This device is a wireless activity and sleep tracker in one, which is designed for children 5 to 13 years old. It aims to encourage children to play more and get enough rest at night.

It has a one-size-fits-all wristband that is splash proof. However, each child can customize their daily target. It will give an associated points based on the child’s activity with 100 being the highest.

Of course, our children want a high score, so they will surely move more during the day to keep their score high.

Parents can sync the device to KidFit app and customize their goals. You can tie the goals to real world rewards to make it more fun and encouraging to your children.

You can see the results on your smartphone. This works on iOS and Android devices. The LED has four lights indicator blue, red, green and orange. Green for activity tracking, blue for syncing data, red when charging and orange for sleep tracking.

Kids love this but the device has some missing features that we wish it has. For instance, it does not allow us to manually add an activity.

The other day, my daughter had a dance recital and they are not allowed to wear jewelry or any accessory including her KidFit, so she was not able to track her activity for that day.

She was disappointed that she didn’t meet her goal for the day. Also, the pedometer only shows the kid’s overall points, you have to manually sync the data to the app to see the number of steps.

My daughter wants to check her score and number of steps taken, so we have to sync the app to the phone regularly to get this information. It will help if the number of steps is also shown on the screen.

  • Wireless activity and sleep tracker
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Goal/rewards setting feature can be sync on Parents phone
  • Doesn’t sync with some Android phones
  • Uncomfortable and bulky band

📌 Overall, KidFit remains to be one of the favorite pedometers for kids.

📌 It’s simple, easy to use and straightforward. The design and built just suit its purpose.

#5 Leapband Leapfrog

LeapFrog has been so creative when it comes to encouraging kids to move by making a fitness wearable virtual pet through their LeapBand Activity Tracker. This kid pedometer is for kids aged 4 to 7 years old.

LeapBand is equipped with a 1.44-inch LCD hi-res color screen and a rechargeable li-polymer soft shell battery. It’s water-resistant and includes an accelerometer.

This device is kid-tough. It goes through a rigorous drop-testing to ensure its durability and high-quality. It companion Pentathlon app works on select iOS and Android devices.

LeapFrog designed this activity tracker that encourages children for active play and healthy habits. Your children will never get bored of this due to its creativity.

It includes 50 challenges with a customizable pet pal that kids can go along with as they take the challenges.

For one, it has Pet Boogie that creates and practices a pet dance. It also features Pet Chef that helps a pet collect food and prepares healthy food.

It measures every movement of the user. So every time your kids jump, wiggle, run or dance, they earn points that can be used to unlock new rewards.

As for the design, it’s easy to use and very intuitive. It’s animated graphics and audio makes the challenges more fun and encouraging for children.

For parents who want to stay on top of everything that their children do, this device is a treat. I personally love its parental control that allows me to personalize the experience.

I can set it to School mode to lock all the games and Pet Play or set it to Quiet mode to mute the gameplay. It also allows me to add up to 36 challenges in the LeapFrog connect.

However, I just noticed that its wrist strap is stiff that sometimes my kid feels uncomfortable using it. Older children also find it boring. Some children easily lose their interest on this.

  • Durable and kid tough fitness watch
  • Kids learn about food, nutrition, motor skills. health, hygiene
  • Parent controls help personalize kid experience
  • Occasional charging problems

📌 This device is for every kid who wants to achieve a goal, move more and enjoy the process.

📌 With this activity tracker, kids will learn about food and nutrition, gross motor skills and health and hygiene.

📌 Also, the device is a great channel to entertain kids and motivate them to move more.

How Active Should Kids Be?

Source: Fox News

Initially, studies and fitness trackers concentrate on adult activities. We know that adults need to make 10,000 steps a day. Are you able to achieve that? Well, it’s a different thing when it comes to our children.

According to Dr. Stephen Daniels, chief pediatrician at the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver, children are recommended to get an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.

This can be spread throughout the day. However, a number of public health organization suggest that toddlers (1-2) and preschoolers (3-4) accumulate at least 3 hours of physical activity daily.

📌 A number of studies tried to quantify the 3-hour activity into a number of steps. One study learned that it’s equivalent to 9,099 steps.

📌 On the other hand, another study suggests that 180 minutes of physical activity falls between 4,653 steps to 13,326 steps.

According to VeryWell, while there’s no definitive target number, the researcher proposed that children aim for 11,500 or 9,000 pedometer steps a day.

A 2004 study published in “Preventative Medicine” suggests that girls, 6 to 12 years old should take 12,000 steps a day. Meanwhile, boys should do 15,000 steps a day.

Are you surprised with the recommended number of steps? Being parents it’s our responsibility to keep our children healthy. Thus, we should encourage them to move more.

There are cute and adorable pedometers on the market today that will help you and your kids track their number of steps daily.

By using these devices, you’ll know if your children are active or are already living a sedentary lifestyle.


Best Activity Tracker for Kids

All of these pedometers are great in keeping our kids motivated to moving more. Giving our children an activity tracker is a good way to introduce them to the fitness world early on.

In this way, they will be more conscious of their diet and exercise. Keeping our children informed about their health and the importance of being active is important in maintaining their healthy weight.

They will appreciate this more at their age. So, purchase one for your kid and see how these devices can transform their lives.

Have you decided on what fitness tracker for your kids? If you have other recommendations, reactions, or insights on the article, please share with us in our comment section.